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Why Smart Aging Takes Smart Caregiving

For the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the growing challenges facing caregivers across generations. The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP’s recently released Caregiving in the U.S. 2020 reveal an increase of 9.5 million in the number of family caregivers in the United States from 2015 to 2020. As the aging population continues to rise, so does the demand for caregivers.

May is National Aging Life Care™ Month.

The Aging Life Care Association® launched the National Aging Life Care Month 11 years ago to raise awareness of a solution for families and caregivers supporting aging loved ones. Aging Life Care is a holistic, personalized approach to caring for older adults, dependent adults, and others facing ongoing health challenges. Aging Life Care Managers®, sometimes called geriatric care managers, are strategic planners with key knowledge in crisis intervention, housing, health and disability, advocacy, family legal needs, and financial and local resources.

The role of Elder Advisory Group’s Smart Aging™ Program.

Through our innovative Smart Aging membership program, our Aging Life Care Managers collaborate with families and professionals to ensure that our older adult clients’ needs are met and that they have every opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest. We help them navigate through the medical, financial, legal, and social challenges that are part of the aging journey.

We’ve seen firsthand how the pandemic separated families and isolated aging adults. For us, it has been especially gratifying to help our clients through unprecedented difficulties: Many of our clients’ out-of-town family members were unable to travel to check on their loved ones; long-term care facilities shut their doors to the outside; and medical care went virtual. Suddenly, and more than ever, Aging Life Care Managers have become essential workers and the lifeline to isolated, aging adults.

The caregiving challenges continue.

According to Julie Wagner, Aging Life Care Association CEO, caregivers are facing even more challenges every day. “With the ‘great resignation’ and growing demands on unpaid family caregivers,” she says, “we are seeing an increased demand for Aging Life Care Manager services and want families to know that help is available.”

By promoting National Aging Life Care Month, the Aging Life Care Association hopes to raise awareness of the professional services available. At Elder Advisory Group, our Smart Aging team answers the call for older adults interested in living their best possible life and family members seeking expert guidance and advice to help their loved ones on their journey.

To learn more about our Smart Aging™ program, or to speak with one of our Aging Life Care Managers about your family’s needs, please call 713-624-4288 for a free phone consultation.

About Janet Jackson-McCulloch

Janet Jackson-McCulloch, Founder and President of Elder Advisory Group, established her firm to help older adults and their families master the art of aging well—protecting physical health, staying mentally sharp, making social connections, finding trustworthy long-term care, and more. As an Aging Life Care® Professional, she and her team of experts are making Smart Aging™ the new reality.



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