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What is a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)?

caregiver and elderly woman holding handsGeriatric Care Managers (GCMs), also known as Aging Life Care® Managers, serve as advocates for families as they face age-related challenges. Our compassionate guidance, professional assessments, and care management allows aging adults and their families to continue living a purposeful and fulfilling life.

We help manage the challenges of aging through:

  • An assessment of your loved one’s needs
  • Facilitating thoughtful and informed decision making
  • Managing and coordinating resources
  • Serving as an advocate during medical appointments
  • Providing mediation guidance and advisory services
  • Serving as a liaison between your loved one and their medical, legal and financial professionals
  • Giving direction and guidance through all issues facing clients and families
  • Protecting a person’s assets and lifestyle
  • Bringing skilled knowledge and calm to crises
  • Helping families plan ahead and prepare for the long term
  • Assisting long-distance caregivers with local services

Needs Assessment

An in-home assessment will consider:

  • physical challenges
  • cognitive status
  • social and emotional needs
  • the safety of the home
  • a review of finances and budgets

caregiver talking with elderly womanCare Planning and Coordination

After our assessment, we’ll develop a care plan, which may include:

  • recommendations for health and well-being
  • home care
  • socialization opportunities
  • legal and financial resources
  • community resources
  • support groups
  • senior living options

We’ll also help clients and their families implement and monitor the care plan and stay involved to make sure the plan is working.

Medical Advocacy

Serious medical issues can be confusing, particularly for a senior who may be living with some diminished mental capacity. We help support your loved one’s well-being by:

  • coordinating and attending medical appointments
  • implementing health care providers’ recommendations
  • serving as a liaison between client families and senior living communities

Family Support

We help families deal with the challenges they face when coping with the ongoing changes in their loved one’s care needs. This includes:

  • helping them find a support system
  • providing referrals to counselors, support groups and legal, financial and community services
  • providing mediation services to families who aren’t able to agree on a plan of action

Janet Jackson-McCulloch, MA, CMC, is a certified member of the Aging Life Care® Association (ALCA) and our team is committed to supporting the organization’s strict code of ethics and professional standards.

How Can A GCM Help My Family?

Geriatric Care Managers (GCMs) focus on the unique aspects that can have an impact on quality of life for aging adults. Your family’s GCM can:

  • Create and execute individualized care plans
  • Access public benefits
  • Maximize services while controlling expenses
  • Help avoid frequent hospital stays
  • Answer family concerns
  • Improve quality of life and help maintain independence
  • Enhance family relationships


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