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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

aging life care manager

Geriatric Care Managers, also known as Aging Life Care Managers® or Aging Life Care Professionals®, serve as advocates for families as they face age-related challenges. Our goal is to provide trustworthy guidance in times of uncertainty so that older adults can enjoy a purposeful, fulfilling life and their family members can feel confident that their loved one is well cared for.

What Distinguishes us From Other Elder Care Providers?

Adhering to the strict criteria of the Aging Life Care® Association, our Elder Advisory Group care management team has special expertise in eight knowledge areas:

  • Health and disability – Aging Life Care Managers are well versed in healthcare system services, whether to address physical, mental health or dementia-related issues. Serving as client advocates, we attend doctor visits and facilitate communications between all parties concerned. We also help determine the appropriate care for an aging adult and assist families in engaging and monitoring those services.
  • Financial – Our Aging Life Care Professionals help with a wide range of financial services, from managing bills and working with your accountant to helping with insurance claims, gathering important paperwork, and other concerns. We can also assist you in connecting to the right financial resources or people.
  • Housing – Understanding and finding the best level of in-home or residential care is not easy. Our care managers know the options inside and out and have a wide level of knowledge for in-home and facility needs.
  • Families – We serve as mediators between family members as needed to solve problems, resolve conflicts, and make unified decisions about an aging loved one’s long-term care planning.
  • Local resources – Our Aging Life Care Professionals have a wealth of local community resources and can easily connect aging adults and families to valuable programs and services.
  • Advocacy – We take great pride in serving as strong and effective advocates for our clients and their families to ensure that our clients receive the health care and respect they want and deserve.
  • Legal – Because we believe in taking a holistic approach to care planning, Elder Advisory Group collaborates with other partners in the community, including tax legal experts, elder law attorneys, estate planners, and probate attorneys. Our Aging Life Care Professionals act as a liaison in certain situations, allowing the family to stay connected and not feel overwhelmed.
  • Crisis intervention – Our Aging Life Care Professionals can intervene 24/7 as needed to help aging adults safely navigate complex systems in times of crisis—ER and hospital stays, rehabilitation programs and more. This can be especially helpful for families who live at a distance. We design personalized care plans based on our initial comprehensive assessment and recommend modifications, subject to the trusted family member’s approval, as circumstances change.

When is it Time for This Special Level of Assistance?

  • More than likely, you’ll know because you’ve become overwhelmed by the care required by an aging family member. It’s generally time to enlist the help of a Geriatric Care Manager, or Aging Life Care Professional, when an aging family member:
  • Has multiple medical or psychological issues
  • Cannot safely take care of themselves in their current environment
  • Is unhappy with the care they are receiving and need advocacy
  • Is unable to manage their personal financial or legal affairs
  • Has limited or no family support

Or if your family:

  • Is new to caregiving and needs advice about the services available
  • Has become exhausted or has limited time, expertise and/or resources to deal with an aging loved one’s chronic care needs
  • Needs helpful guidance about dealing with dementia
  • Does not live close by or is at odds with others about caregiving decisions

The Benefits of Working With an Aging Life Care Professional®

Working with our care managers opens the door to possibilities, ensuring aging adults the best possible life for all the years to come through:

  • Respectful service centered around each client’s individual wants and needs
  • Access to appropriate care around the clock
  • Coordinated care between family members, doctors, and other service providers
  • Better financial management
  • Quality control based on the highest ethical standards

Janet Jackson-McCulloch, MA, CMC, and additional team members are certified members of the Aging Life Care® Association (ALCA) and are committed to supporting the organization’s strict code of ethics and professional standards.

How Can A Care Manager Help My Family?

Geriatric Care Managers focus on the unique aspects that can have an impact on quality of life for aging adults. Your family’s care manager can:

  • Create and execute individualized care plans
  • Access public benefits
  • Maximize services while controlling expenses
  • Help avoid frequent hospital stays
  • Answer family concerns
  • Improve quality of life and help maintain independence
  • Enhance family relationships


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