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The Science of Happiness

— March 20 was International Day of Happiness! The United Nations established this awareness day in 2012 as a reminder of the important role that happiness plays in the lives of people all over the globe. The pursuit of happiness is perhaps one of humanity’s oldest goals. There are countless books, articles, podcasts, and documentary films... Read More

Using 3D Printing for People with Disabilities

— Three-dimensional (3D) printing, a marvel of modern technology, has profoundly transformed the landscape of assistive technology, creating a more inclusive and accessible world for individuals with disabilities. This revolutionary approach has democratized the creation and distribution of assistive devices, breaking down barriers that once limited their availability. Before the advent of 3D printing, assistive technologies... Read More

Smart Aging Connection: Oral Health & Brain Health

— Riding the wave of New Year reflections and perhaps resolutions, there’s no better time to address the under-appreciated topics of Smart Aging. In this newsletter, we’ll explore the link between oral health and brain health, why this linkage is so important and what you can do to improve dental hygiene. The Mind/Body Relationship The “mind-body... Read More

After the Holidays – Do Your Parents Need Help?

— After the holidays, many of us return to our daily routines after spending quality time with family. During these reunions—and reflecting on them afterward—we may recognize changes in our parents. And, while it’s normal for people to change, sometimes these changes indicate a need for additional help. So, what should you consider in deciding if... Read More

Dementia Caregiving? There’s an App for That!

— There’s an App for That! Taking care of someone with dementia is a big job. Depending on the stage of dementia and a loved one’s abilities, dementia caregiving can involve a wide-ranging set of challenges for both the person with dementia and the caregiver. Thankfully, technology is catching up to the unique needs of people... Read More

Adaptive Devices Ease Arthritis Symptoms

— As many as one in five adults have a diagnosed form of arthritis in the United States, a type of inflammation that causes joint pain. Arthritis can make everyday tasks challenging because it causes pain and stiffness in the joints. However, there are many tools designed to help people with arthritis to do everyday things... Read More

What Is Hospice Care?

— End-of-life is one of the most vulnerable times for patients and their loved ones. The entire situation—including the decisions and emotions—can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is a healthcare service dedicated to helping people in these very moments of crisis: hospice care. What is Hospice Care? Hospice care is specialty medical care for people who have... Read More

Non-Gift Ideas for Older Adults

— If you’ve ever asked your loved ones what gifts they’d like, you’ve probably heard something along the lines of, “You don’t need to get me anything at all.” This can make the gift-giving process a little more challenging, especially if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the older adults in your life. They... Read More

Holiday Season Anxiety: How to Break the Cycle

— It’s that time of year again and our care managers are noticing increased stress in clients and their families. The expectations, the financial implications, and the logistics can be overwhelming to any family system. But to those with parents or loved ones aging with medical or cognitive issues, the challenges can sabotage even the most... Read More

Is It Time to Take Away the Keys?

— The ability to drive a motor vehicle can be an important part of independence and mobility for older adults. Driving gives us a sense of autonomy that we feel from the first time we are handed a license as a teenager. But not all of us will be able to drive safely for the rest... Read More


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