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Houston Elder Law Alliance

Elder Advisory Group and McCulloch & Miller, PLLC, a Houston area elder law firm, share a long-term professional relationship dedicated to helping families navigate the maze of elder care, with a focus on quality long term care for aging adults.

Our partnership brings together a very unique blend of talents and professional knowledge from two distinct aging arenas.  Elder Advisory Group is a team of experienced care managers and Aging Life Care Professionals™ who work hand-in-hand with the elder law team of McCulloch & Miller, seasoned attorneys who focus on elder law, estate planning, public benefits planning (including Medicaid and Veterans Benefits), taxation concerns and business succession planning.  Our care team provides comprehensive assessments and care plans utilizing our extensive knowledge of the long-term care system to address the myriad issues facing aging adults and their families, while our colleagues at McCulloch & Miller provide ready access to legal solutions.

We are dedicated to providing the comprehensive quality services that you have come to expect from both of our firms while accessing the best mix of services for you and your family.

Elder Advisory Group and McCulloch & Miller, PLLC are separate legal entities.  While Elder Advisory Group shares a professional relationship with McCulloch & Miller, we remain an independent company providing families with the most professional objective recommendations based on our client’s needs and his or her expressed preferences.



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