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Aging Life Care® Association
An association which provides valuable professional resources for families who may need additional assistance in coordinating care for a loved one.

Amazing Place
An Alzheimer’s resource center in Houston, Texas.

Alzheimer’s Association
A national organization dedicated to further research for Alzheimer’s treatment as well as providing support for the family caregiver.

Crisis Planning
Read here why it’s important to work with an Aging Life Care Professional, especially during a crisis.

Essential Caregivers Act of 2021-Informational Booklet
SB-25 Took Effect September 1, 2021. This bill requires skilled nursing facilities, nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for the intellectually disabled, and nearby inpatient rehabilitation facilities to establish an essential caregivers program during a public health emergency. This allows a resident, resident’s guardian, or legal representative to designate an essential caregiver with whom the facility or program provider may not prohibit in-person visitation.

Houston Area Parkinson’s Association
The Houston Chapter of the Parkinson’s Association that provides research information and caregiver support in association with Parkinson’s Disease.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
A new informational portal on topics ranging from healthy aging, long-term care and retirement planning is an available online resource for families.


McCulloch & Miller, PLLC
An elder law and estate planning firm located in Houston, Texas. They provide services for Probate, Medicaid, Trusts, Veterans Benefits, Special Needs Planning, Wills, Powers of Attorneys, and more.

Janet’s Book List

“The 36-Hour Day” by Nancy L. Mace, M.A. and Peter V. Rabins, M.D., M.P.H.

“A Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease” by Patricia Callone

“Coping with Your Difficult Older Parent: A Guide for Stressed-Out Children” by Grace Lebow and Barbara Kane

“My Mother, Your Mother:  Embracing ‘Slow Medicine'” by Dennis McCullough, M.D.

“Still Alice” by Lisa Genova

“Passages in Caregiving:  Turning Chaos into Confidence” by Gail Sheehy



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