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Experts Offer New Insights into Senior Driving Safety

— The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to prevent traffic deaths and injuries through research and education. The foundation has conducted many studies on older drivers, with the two-fold mission of extending the driving years of older adults, while ensuring they are safe drivers during those years. The emphasis... Read More

November 4 – 11, 2018 Is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

— We see plenty of public service messages around the holidays warning us not to drink and drive. And these days, we can get a ticket if we’re caught texting or using our phone while behind the wheel. But there’s another driving hazard that’s pretty common during this time of year. Even if drivers have abstained... Read More

Wildfires Endanger Seniors, Even From a Distance

— Wildfires have raged in most of the western states and elsewhere this year. Arizona, California and Colorado have been particularly hard hit, and north of the border, the monumental Fort MacMurray fire in Alberta destroyed thousands of homes and businesses. And while wildfire is a part of nature, shaping ecosystems and renewing the land, government... Read More

Can Caregivers Go on Vacation?

— If you are a family caregiver, this might sound familiar: you use up most of your vacation time to help your elderly parents with their healthcare and other needs. If your parents live at a distance, that’s where you go on your vacation. If your loved one lives with you or nearby, it seems like... Read More

School’s Back: Time for Senior Travel!

— Travel tips for seniors Senior travel means making the most of off-peak travel and accommodations.  Seniors have the flexibility of traveling when most families are back in school or have returned to the workday grind. Fall is a great time to travel to most places around the world. You’ll still likely have good weather without... Read More

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