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Set a Good Example on Father’s Day

— June 20 is Father’s Day. June 14 – 20, 2021 is Men’s Health Week, and men are urged to focus on their health at this time—and to set a good example for the younger generation. How are men in the U.S. doing when it comes to serving as role models for the health of their... Read More

Men Get Osteoporosis, Too!

— What is Osteoporosis? May is National Osteoporosis Awareness Month. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones gradually thin and weaken. It is common among older adults of all genders—yet many people mistakenly believe that it’s only a health concern of women. It’s true that more women than men develop the disease, but men are not immune.... Read More

This Year’s Father’s Day Call Is More Important Than Ever!

— June is Men’s Health Month. This is a great time to remind Dad and Grandpa about ways they can protect their health—perhaps during Father’s Day festivities. 2020 will be a little different. For many families, traditional Father’s Day visits have been postponed or are taking place as virtual visits on Zoom and FaceTime. Especially if... Read More

It’s Men’s Health Month

— Summer is a great time for men to focus on health and wellness issues.  The warmer weather and longer days are ideal for adding more exercise and farm-fresh foods. Also,  June is Men’s Health Month. This is a special awareness period first recognized by Congress in 1994, and celebrated across the country. The goal is... Read More


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