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Easter Egg Safety (and Year-Round)

— Easter eggs have been a tradition for a long time. But when it comes to the health benefits of eggs, research teams have been throwing eggs at one another’s studies for some time! Perhaps you’ve been following the ongoing debate? For years, dietitians recommended that people eat eggs only sparingly, as eggs are very high... Read More

Make a Holiday Food Safety List and Check It Twice

— Days before Thanksgiving this year, government agencies warned of an outbreak of Salmonella bacteria in turkey products. And were you one of the many cooks who ended up throwing away the romaine lettuce that was earmarked for the salad after the E. coli scare? These two warnings right in a row might make us alert... Read More

Food Safety in the Great Outdoors

— Summer is here at last! Are you planning to go camping, fishing, hiking or boating? Or maybe an all-day picnic? We all want to be safe during outdoor adventures. Maybe we worry about bears, or pests such as mosquitoes and ants. We shouldn’t forget that some of the most dangerous outdoor critters are invisible—bacteria and... Read More

Top 10 Facts About Seniors and Food Safety

— Do you like to watch cooking shows? A recent study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior suggests that the popularity of these programs might be one of the reasons that fewer Americans are taking precautions to avoid foodborne illness. According to researchers from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, during the past decade,... Read More

Five Food Myths That May Be Harming Your Health

— We’ve all heard the conventional wisdom on health, either from our doctors or some random studies – fat is bad for you, fish is good, and eggs raise your cholesterol. Unfortunately, some of this advice is not only inaccurate, but could be causing harm, as well as robbing you of high-quality nutrients. It could also... Read More

Have You Washed Your Greens Today?

— We know that we’re supposed to eat five healthy servings of vegetables and fruits every day to maintain good health. But how do we keep those green leafy vegetables and fruits clean and ready to eat with today’s focus on foodborne illness? When we think of foodborne illness, we usually think of meat or dairy... Read More

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