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Help! I Can’t Find a Caregiver for My Loved One

— 3 Important Ways We Can Ease Your Mind By: Janet Jackson-McCulloch  It takes a special person to choose a career as a caregiver. If you’ve ever tried to care for someone in need, even someone you love, for any length of time, you know how challenging the job can be. The hours are long, the... Read More

On the Road Again: Traveling with a Loved One who has Dementia

— By: Janet Jackson-McCulloch  With the holidays just around the corner, millions of Americans will hit the road to visit family and friends. It’s an opportunity to meet new grandchildren, see extended family, or simply be a tourist. But if you’re thinking about traveling with a loved one who has dementia, how do you begin to... Read More

Self-Care: What It Is and Why You Should Get Started on It Today

— By: Janet Jackson-McCulloch Somehow, our kids and grandkids have grown up feeling pretty good about themselves. (We played a big part in that, of course.) So why is it so hard for some of us older folks to do the same? Many of us weren’t raised to pat ourselves on the back. Instead, we were... Read More


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