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Are Your Devices Making You Lazy?

— “Free” Time or Device Take-Over? By now, most of us know that getting enough exercise is vital for good health and optimal aging. More people today are at least making an effort, setting aside time several times a week to get some physical activity—a minimum of 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise is a... Read More

Does Technology Widen Generational Gaps?

— Janet, founder of Elder Advisory Group, was asked to be part of the discussion involving technology and our older generations. Below is a copy and link to the article and segment from Houston Matters on NPR. Advancements in technology may come easily for digital natives like millennials and Generation Z, but are people in older... Read More

AARP Offers Free Tech Help for Seniors

— If you need free computer help, click here. EAG does not assist with computers. This blog is for educational purposes only. Are you straddling the “digital divide” —that line between the technology communication “haves” and “have nots?” Though aging Americans are using the internet and social media more than ever before, this population group still... Read More

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