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When Is It Time to Give Up the Keys?

— Dad has been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. He insists that it’s still perfectly safe for him to drive—but is it? This conversation has led to some tense moments as the family discuss the best way to care for Dad as the disease progresses. Some of the common changes of aging can make driving unsafe.... Read More

Houston, What’s Your Aging Attitude?

— Senior professionals have shifted focus about what it means to grow older in America.  Professionals and family members are aware that maintaining dignity through empowerment is a very important foundation in our older years.  Families and care providers are aware that helping loved ones maintain independence through activity and social engagement is vital to longevity... Read More

Do Your Parents Resist Help?

— As Americans get ready to visit family and friends over the upcoming holidays, a survey reveals experts’ top tips for overcoming a common and difficult family problem—aging parents resisting the help they need. Experts surveyed by the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA) say that emphasizing to aging parents that receiving assistance can help them maintain... Read More


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