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Are Your Devices Making You Lazy?

— “Free” Time or Device Take-Over? By now, most of us know that getting enough exercise is vital for good health and optimal aging. More people today are at least making an effort, setting aside time several times a week to get some physical activity—a minimum of 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise is a... Read More

A Last-Minute Heart Health Reminder for Super Bowl Sunday

— Heart Health and Touchdowns Each year on the first Sunday in February, a lot of us settle in to watch the Super Bowl. It’s not exactly the healthiest day! We eat a lot of nachos, pizza and other fatty goods. We’re likely to drink too much beer. And while the athletes on TV are getting... Read More

For Seniors, Mental Health Treatment Supports Physical Health

— As we grow older, we are more likely to be living with chronic health conditions. Heart disease, arthritis, vision and hearing loss, diabetes and many other illnesses all can take a toll on our quality of life, so it’s not surprising that many seniors who are living with health challenges are also dealing with depression,... Read More


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