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Do Your Brain a Favor & Defeat Social Isolation

— Much recent research has shed light on what’s been called an “epidemic” of loneliness among seniors. A recent study from the University of Michigan found that 25% of older adults reported feeling lonely. We know that loneliness is a health problem—experts have called it “as bad for our health as smoking or obesity.” In particular,... Read More

From Sitting to Moving … Make the Switch!

— Most of us know that exercise is a top factor in keeping us healthy as we grow older. Yet many well-intentioned, health-conscious older adults are unaware that even if they work out regularly, their health can still be harmed if they spend the rest of the day sitting around, whether it’s surfing the web while... Read More

Senior Volunteers: A Sense of Purpose

— During April’s National Volunteer Month, we have been reminded about the many health benefits older adults gain through service to others. Many experts have referred to an “epidemic” of loneliness and isolation among seniors, which raises the risk of many health conditions, including dementia.  Senior volunteers may find that serving others is a great way... Read More


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