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Quit Smoking, Houston!

— Today is the day to quit smoking!   The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released some information and tips that can help. Quitting “Cold Turkey” might work, but it’s best to have a plan Develop a Quit Plan Planning ahead is a major part of successfully quitting smoking. offers details on how to... Read More

Seniors Focus on Gluten-Free Diets

— Celiac disease is an inherited digestive disorder that occurs in people who cannot tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Most people easily digest gluten, the substance that gives elasticity to breads and other doughs. But when people with celiac disease consume foods containing gluten, their immune systems react by attacking the... Read More

Have Another Cup of Coffee!

— The American Heart Association says regular consumption of the American mainstay may be linked to longevity. Drinking a second or third cup of coffee may do more than get you through a long day—it may also reduce your risk of death from heart disease and other illnesses, says a study in the American Heart Association... Read More

Senior Moment? Exercise Your Brain!

— Those little memory lapses we experience as we grow older can worry us. We’re introduced to someone but promptly forget their name. We look all over the place for our reading glasses, only to realize they are perched on our head. We save a document, but forget into which folder. We might joke about “senior... Read More

Pyramid Schemes: Protect Houston Seniors

— With the growing senior population in America, financial elder abuse has been classified as an epidemic. The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) recently devoted an entire issue of their publication, Public Policy & Aging Report, to the growing problem. The GSA wants to alert financial institutions, seniors and families that scammers wrest almost $3 billion... Read More

Grandparent Caregivers Need Support

— There’s a kitchen plaque with the saying: “If I had known how much fun grandkids were, I would have had them first!” This reflects the fact that grandparents share many of the joys of having small children in their lives—with far fewer responsibilities.  However, today’s grandparent caregivers take this role one step further. We hear... Read More

Seniors vs. Norovirus

— It’s winter and that means the perfect environment for gastrointenstinal illnesses.  Those suffering from the unpleasant symptoms sometimes report that they have a case of the “stomach flu,” but this term really isn’t accurate; “the flu” refers to respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. The most likely culprit in these illnesses is a class of... Read More

Houston, What’s Your Aging Attitude?

— Senior professionals have shifted focus about what it means to grow older in America.  Professionals and family members are aware that maintaining dignity through empowerment is a very important foundation in our older years.  Families and care providers are aware that helping loved ones maintain independence through activity and social engagement is vital to longevity... Read More

Strength Training for Seniors

— Strength training is an important component of a senior exercise program, helping older adults avoid age-related muscle loss, bone loss, and loss of flexibility. Lifting weights and using machines both provide benefits, but many seniors prefer to use resistance bands. Do these stretchy implements provide a good workout? Yes, if you use them correctly, say... Read More

It’s Heart Month! Are You Fit?

— February is American Heart Month and the American Heart Association launched a new campaign, Life’s Simple 7, which includes the My Life Check quiz that consumers can use to quickly ascertain their risk level for developing heart failure, a condition in which the heart is weakened, reducing blood flow to the body. The interactive quiz... Read More


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