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Dementia: Receiving Right Diagnosis

— Sometimes adult children notice sudden changes in behavior or confusion among their aging parents.  Naturally, the first thought may be a question of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.  Rather than second-guessing and accepting the sudden change as a normal part of aging, schedule a visit with a health care provider and explore all the possibilities. For... Read More

Can You Find Your “Stuff” Today?

— Too often we need some pieces of information when we are least able to think clearly—during an emergency, a doctor’s appointment, at the lawyer’s office, or at the hospital admitting desk, for example. To avoid confusion and a time-consuming search in situations like that, it’s a good idea to get organized ahead of time when... Read More

Falls: Balancing Act for Houston Seniors

— Nearly one in three aging adults fall each years.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injuries in older adults. Many of these injuries are fatal. It’s no wonder so many aging Americans fear falling in their own homes! While not all falls are caused by... Read More

Protect Your Vision From Sun Damage

— The American Academy of Ophthalmology offers tips for buying shades that helps you protect your vision from harmful UV rays of Houston sun. Everyone knows sunglasses make it easier to see on a sunny day, whether you’re out on the road or the water. However, wearing the right sunglasses is also the best defense for... Read More

Sleep Tight: Don’t Let Bedbugs Bite!

— According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States is experiencing an alarming increase in the number of bedbugs. In addition to being found in private residences, such as apartments and single-family homes, bedbugs are increasingly affecting restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools and day... Read More

Have You Washed Your Greens Today?

— We know that we’re supposed to eat five healthy servings of vegetables and fruits every day to maintain good health. But how do we keep those green leafy vegetables and fruits clean and ready to eat with today’s focus on foodborne illness? When we think of foodborne illness, we usually think of meat or dairy... Read More

It’s Men’s Health Month

— Summer is a great time for men to focus on health and wellness issues.  The warmer weather and longer days are ideal for adding more exercise and farm-fresh foods. Also,  June is Men’s Health Month. This is a special awareness period first recognized by Congress in 1994, and celebrated across the country. The goal is... Read More

Does Volunteering Prevent Brain Drain?

— We know that volunteering is good for the heart.  Did you know that volunteer hours may help individuals show better brain health on their next MRI? Most volunteers say that civic engagement gives them a big mood boost and a sense of accomplishment. Now, researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have shown... Read More

Facebook Smile Upside Down? :(

— As more seniors use Facebook to connect, there’s a whole new way of interacting with friends and family.  Mobility challenges, retirement or the loss of spouse and friends may make it harder to be socially active and  social media can help supplement in-person social activity. Seniors are the fastest-growing group to use Facebook, and studies... Read More

15 Caregiver Tips for Stroke Month

— Family caregivers know that coping with caregiving tasks following a stroke can be overwhelming.  The American Stroke Association offers 15 tips to help family members care for their loved ones. It’s better to find out than miss out. Be aware of the medications that have been prescribed to your loved one and their side effects.... Read More


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