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Social Distancing Lures More Seniors Across the Digital Divide

— To find a paradox in senior well-being, we need look no further than today! We know that staying socially connected is vital for the mental health of seniors. And yet, social distancing is the key ingredient to help them avoid the coronavirus. Not long after social distancing began, we quickly saw news articles about older... Read More

I’m a Long-Distance Caregiver! Now What?

— “I would be glad to drive Mom to church on Sundays if only I lived nearby.” “If Dad hadn’t retired to Florida, I could still help him fix things around his house.” “The folks are all the way across the country, and they seem lonely. I wish I could drop by a few times a... Read More

Caregiving Concerns are Global

— We know that America is feeling the stretch in senior services, such as caregivers, as our population ages.  However, can you imagine the impact of such a growth surge in a densely-populated country such as China?  Talk about the “Silver Tsunami!” When we think of elder care in that nation, most of us no doubt... Read More


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