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Elder Advisory Group’s Smart Aging Program Embraces National Physical Therapy Month

Oct 2023 Newsletter


This year’s theme for National Physical Therapy Month is “How Physical Therapy Improves Quality of Life.” What an important cornerstone for older adults learning to navigate better health and life quality habits! Improving a client’s day-to-day living is a strategic mission of Elder Advisory Group (EAG) care managers, and I love sharing some of their “tricks of the trade.”

The Name of the Game: Prevention

Something to think about: what if we put as much effort into preventing injuries as we do into recovering from them? Life could be a whole lot different, right? We’re all about being proactive at EAG and  helping our clients stay injury-free and active.

Age Like a Pro: Building Strength and Resilience

When we think of physical therapy, it’s often tied to post-injury or illness recovery. But guess what? PT is also a fantastic way to build strength and resilience, just like athletes. Regular PT exercises can help minimize the risk of injuries and keep you feeling your best.  Ask your doctor for support to obtaining services for strength building, balance, posture improvement and insight how to fall safely.

Falls: More Serious Than You Think

Falls are a way bigger deal than most people realize until a fall happen to oneself. Anyone who’s dealt with a broken toe or foot knows the struggle. According to the CDC, falls are a top cause of injuries among older adults and too often a path to declining health.  Lack of confidence, pain and medical residuals can affect the future more than appreciated.  That’s why we’re “gun-ho” about physical fitness in the truest sense of the words: Stay fit – stay healthy.

The Inside Scoop from Geriatric Care Managers: Fall Management

As geriatric care managers, we’ve picked up a few other tricks over the years. One of our secrets to successful aging is learning how to manage a fall, much like basic training for winter skiing. Instead of fearing falls, we teach our clients how to anticipate and/or manage them safely. This not only reduces the fear of falling, but also helps regain confidence and independence.

Unleash the Power of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a game-changer when it comes to ensuring one’s health span with life span. Elder Advisory Group encompasses strategic planning for good physical health and aging gracefully like athletes. By embracing these principles, we empower older adults to enjoy aging to the max. So this October, let’s celebrate National Physical Therapy Month by unleashing the power of PT to enhance the quality of life for us all.

EAG offers free telephone consultations to families looking to plan now and in the future for aging care needs. Please contact us or call 713-624-4288 to learn more.

Fun Twist to Celebrating National Physical Therapy Month.

Did you know that even geriatric animals benefit from PT? Zoos have gotten creative in caring for their older animals, using physical therapy to boost their well-being. Check out the story on the older animals here.




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